BeastBoard Features

Material Matters


BeastBoards™ are made from textured High Density Polyethylene plastic.  This rugged material is easy to clean, will not dull knives, and is FDA compliant.  

Bigger is Better


With overall measurements of 17.5" x 31.5" and a cutting area of 15" x 24.75" , the BeastBoard™ is large enough to handle big cuts of meat like brisket as well as large fish.

Fillet Clamp


Why?  Because fish are slippery!  Our stainless steel fillet clamp comes mounted with stainless steel screws to resist corrosion and make filleting a cinch!

Better Juice Control


Juicy meat is awesome except when the juices run all over your counter top.  Our extra wide and deep juice channels keep liquids where they should be...on the board.

No Sliding


Ever had the frustrating experience of trying to cut something on a board that slides all over the place?  You won't with BeastBoard™.  Each board comes mounted with five heavy duty rubber feet to keep it in place.  Feet are secured by stainless steel screws to deter corrosion.



Weighing in at only 13lbs and designed with an ergonomic handle, transporting your BeastBoard™ is easy!  Take your board with you wherever your adventures may lead.

Blade Rest


Need to take a break?  Set your blade into the blade resting grooves of your BeastBoard™.  This will protect the sharpness of the blade as well as prevent possible contamination from an unclean surface.  Some knives will rest entirely in the grooves if the handle is lighter weight.